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Wide range of activities for your children. Games appealing to their inner world.

Activities and games play an important role in children’s mental and physical development. Playing games is a very important factor in children’s development. In fact, each game is one of the factors that play a role in a child’s mental, physical and intellectual development most. Depending on the type of game, some games prepare a child to future life by contributing to their mental power. And some of them help such factors as handcraft and mental skills.

What do we want children to gain?

  • Acquiring effective thinking skills,
  • Getting accustomed to team work,
  • Improving their existing leadership skills,
  • Improving their social communication skills,
  • Increasing problem solving speed,
  • Exploring and improving their skills,
  • Gaining critical perspective,
  • Acquiring the ability for self-understanding,
  • Learning creative problem solving technique,
  • Developing visual and auditory skills,
  • Associating basic scientific issues with daily life,
  • Learning and teaching,
  • Effective use of time,
  • Increasing knowledge and interest in carrier and jobs